Bolgatanga Basket, Colourful (Small)

Bolgatanga Basket, Colourful (Small)

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Hand woven in Bolgatanga, this artisan-made basket is ideal for eco-friendly shopping, fruit and vegetable storage, carrying supplies and more.

Made from sun-dried elephant grass, which is hand-dyed using dyes made from plants, minerals and non-toxic fabric dyes. The basket handles feature cured goat leather.

Note: This product may be bent/reshaped in order to fit shipping requirements. It can easily restore its original form by being lightly dampened, gently reshaped by hands, and air dried (preferably outside). There is quite a bit of durability of the elephant grass - this can be repeated over time in case heavy objects are carried regularly.

Approximate product dimensions: Length 25cm x Width 25cm x Height 25cm (excluding handle).

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