The Weavers of Bolgatanga, Ghana

Img Source: Afropacific Enterprise

Bolga basket weaving is originally from Northern Ghana's Bolgatanga area. Passed down over generations, this special form of basket weaving has become a key export by the region's Frafra people.

Fair Roads partners with suppliers who take part in the village of Bolgatanga's artisan markets. By working closely only with suppliers who trade directly and in person with these skilled crafters, this collaboration results in further extending the consumer reach of village artisans while supporting the sustainable jobs and social impact.

Img Source: Afropacific Enterprise

As each product is uniquely woven using hand-selected and hand-dyed elephant grass, the craftsmen and women of these villages set their own prices on market days according to the level of detail and beauty.

Each basket takes on average 2-3 days to complete by hand. 

The creation of a single basket contains many stages, including the basket going through a "spiny" phase throughout the weaving process. Beautiful and rich colors are revealed once the "spines" are trimmed upon each basket's completion. 

Img Source: Afropacific Enterprise
The completed basket is then adorned with a goat leather handle, providing additional sturdiness and durability to the piece.
Strong, functional and beautiful - These are the baskets of the Bolgatanga artisans.